Blue spray painted logo on a concrete tank for the company M&W Precast and Construction Supplies.


These are our most commonly asked questions. If you don't see your question listed below, give us a call, email our team or stop by for a visit.

Where do you deliver?

New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania through the mid-state and some surrounding communities. Call our sales department anytime for specific delivery availability.

Are you a PennDot certified plant?

Yes. Please inquire for specific structure needs and approvals.

do you sell rcp?

No, we do not produce or sell RCP (reinforced concrete pipe.)

do you sell septic pumps?

Yes, we have a complete line of pumps. Contact our store for more information.

why does my septic system alarm go off after it rains?

If your alarm goes off during or after heavy rain, there is most likely ground water infiltrating your system. Call our service department for more information.

How often to do I need my septic tank pumped?

Every 2-3 years maximum depending on your household usage.

Does my septic system need to be serviced?

All systems need regular maintenance. If you do not have a current maintenance agreement, please contact our service department for details.

What do I do when my septic alarm goes off?

Silence the alarm, call the M&W Service Department and we will help solve the issue and set up a visitation if necessary.

Still have questions?

Contact our team.