environmental solutions

from wastewater treatment to drip dispersal
or stream discharge

Our team specializes in HOOT treatment systems, American Drip Systems, and EcoFlo Coco Filters.

We offer all the complimentary tools you could need as well:
- chlorinators and tablets
- spray irrigation components
- Salcor UV Disinfection units
- repair parts

HOOT systems

Hoot Aerobic Treatment Units:
for sand mounds
& American Drip Systems

As one of the top treatment units available, a Hoot system doesn't stop at treating your wastewater. Hoot units are space-saving and provide more flexibility in terms of septic system placement when you're laying out your property.

Our inventory covers units capable of handling 500, 600, 750, and 900 gallons per day. We even have access to 1000 and 1200 GPD units, as well as traffic rated 1000 GPD units.


Our team can arrange the units to filter separate septic lines coming into one pump tank. For residential and commercial applications, Hoot units can be further arranged in a series to treat even higher GPD.

made to serve you

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Specializing in
American Drip Systems

We offer a wide variety of complete packages. Our full line of individual parts and supplies will cover all your add-ons, custom orders, and repairs.

Not only are we certified by the manufacturer, but we have over twenty years of experience providing oversight, start up, and maintenance.

Why drip systems?

This irrigation option even extends to commercial packages.
And because we're backed by American, we have the knowledge and support to get any job done.

tip for homeowners

Haven't had your system checked in a while? Catch small issues now, before they turn into huge catastrophes. Call our team about a maintenance plan for your system today!

Ecoflo coco filters

ecoflo by premiertech

Working with a septic tank equipped with an effluent filter? Try the Ecoflo Biofilter; it goes above and beyond filtering the effluent before sending it out to your dispersal system.

Ecoflo coco filters are available for both plastic (polyethylene) and concrete tanks.
Whether your tank is a new construction or you're retrofitting an existing system, Ecoflo will get the job done. These versatile filters can be used in either pumped or gravity systems.