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Three generations of innovation, Integrity and Ingenuity

Our customers and employees have always been at the forefront of everything we do. This intrinsic company value began with Woodrow "Woody" and Blanche Wehrung and carried to the following generations: first through Vernon and Jean Wehrung, and now via Jason Wehrung.

We're committed to tireless innovation to bring you the best precast products on the market—past, present, and in the future to come.

Our History

We're proud, not only of our history, but to be serving God,
our customers, our employees, and our community.


Woodrow W. Wehrung Excavating begins with just five employees. The main business specializes in excavating, clearing hedge rows for farmers, and building ponds. In total, the company will build 137 ponds.


"Woody" Wehrung begins manufacturing precast concrete septic tanks.


The business renames W. W. Excavating; Modern Concrete Septic Tank Company is born.


Woody is featured in Life Magazine. "Farm Ponds: Water for Drought and Food and Fun." The article highlights the 75 ponds that Woody had built in the last three years (nearly 55% of the company's grand total!).


Woody receives patent #2,777,185 for a "new and useful invention", i.e. integrated concrete baffles in septic tanks.


Woody celebrates his 63rd birthday and names his son Vernon Wehrung as President. Sales hit $697,000 with about 22 employees.


Modern Concrete Septic Tank Company sells the excavating business to focus on precast concrete manufacturing.


Contractor's Supply Store relocates and then reopens as Wehrung's Family Home Center.


Modern Concrete Septic Tank Company officially becomes M&W Precast & Construction Supply.

respectability, high-spirits, growth, & excellence

Our values have strong roots, from back when a team of five embodied them in the 40s. We hold fast in service of all your projects, no matter how big or small.

Today, that means we're your one-stop-shop for:

Precast Concrete

Sanitary Sewer Components


Residential & Commercial Sceptic Systmes


Construction Supplies

And more...